Wimarion Hotel Semarang

Wimarion Hotel, a hidden gem in Semarang located only 8 minutes drive by car from downtown Simpang Lima Semarang. Designed in modern Javanese style, this hotel offering convenience with a strong cultural touch. The hotel has 62 rooms, affords a wide of facilities such as a sky pool, spa, gym, meeting rooms, and the industrial inspired The Heights Sky Lounge & Bar, one of Semarang's most popular hangouts. 

Standing on a hilly land of Semarang's most happening area, it can't get any better for those who wish to be in the top view of Semarang surrounded by fantastic local eateries, business offices, Semarang Police Academy, and face to face with ST. Elisabeth Hospital. 

The hotel is just an 8 minutes drive by car to the city center, 20 minutes drive to Ahmad Yani International Airport and a 25 minutes drive to The Tawang Train Station. 
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